The Paint Manager's How To's

Here at The Paint Manager, we get a lot of questions about DIY projects so we have provided some links to help answer some of the most asked questions.



1. Paint paneling

   -Here you can find a useful guide to help you get started on putting a fresh coat of paint on the wood paneling of a room.

2. Interior walls

    -Follow this link to find a good guide on properly painting interior walls.

3. Garage floors

    -If you want to apply a protective coating to your garage floor to prevent staining and allow for easy cleaning, this is a very helpful guide.

4. Exterior walls

    -Are you starting a project to paint the exterior of your home? This guide will help you get the job done.

5. Stain doors

    -This guide can help you choose and apply the right penetrating stain for your wood flooring, doors, etc.

6. Prep for painting

    -Here you can find a useful set of instructions to help prepare for your painting project. 

7. Repair drywall 

    -Do you have dents or holes in your drywall that need repair? Follow this guide to help you get the repairs done.

8. Hire a paint company

    -If you’re interested in hiring a Painting Contractor, this article will help you get started. 

9. Inspect a home 

    -This is a great step by step guide to help you perform a thorough inspection of your home.

10. Remove popcorn 

    -Here you can find a few different methods to remove popcorn from the ceilings of your home.

11. Remove Wallpaper

    -In this tutorial, you can find instructions to help you remove wallpaper.


*If you're still having problems with your DIY project after reviewing these helpful tips, please contact us today. The Paint Manager can further assist you.*


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