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For Local Business Owners: Email Newsletter and Nonprofit Sponsorship Opportunity

Increase the visibility of your business and help make a difference in our community by sponsoring The Paint Manager’s monthly email newsletter and our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization TPM Solutions!

Your quarterly sponsorship will help supply the materials needed for our volunteer repair and maintenance services to low-income families, senior citizens, and struggling small business owners throughout Central Florida through TPM Solutions.

Sponsorship compensation deliverables from The Paint Manager and TPM Solutions would include:

  1. Your sponsorship of The Paint Manager’s monthly email newsletter was sent to over 300 recipients. Email newsletter sponsorship would include listing your business as a sponsor in the title, adding your business logo to the newsletter, and a link to your business website.
  2. The addition of your business as a sponsor (including your business logo and website link) of TPM Solutions on the “TPM Solutions — Helping the Community” page of The Paint Manager’s website.


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