Janitorial Services

A clean retail, office or industrial environment is essential in every respect. It helps ensure health and safety for customers, visitors, guests and employees. In addition, people make assumptions about your business based upon its cleanliness. Creating a positive impression is vital to attracting (and keeping) customers. Also, a clean work environment helps to raise employee morale.

Cleanliness is too important for a hit-or-miss approach! You need a professional service dedicated to providing dedicated, consistent cleaning, at a reasonable cost.

The Paint Manager offers janitorial services to retail, commercial office and industrial spaces up to 3,000 square feet. A minimum 12-month contract includes four quarterly strip wax and floor buffings starting at $2,500. Additional services can be included.

We serve all of Central Florida and The Villages.

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Janitorial Services

* Floor strip, wax and buff
* Restroom toilets, tiles and floors
* Windows
* Dumpster enclosures
* Gum removal
* Oil spills
* Hot water pressure cleaning
* Nighttime services
* Turn-key cleaning


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