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Farewell to an Old Friend – We Retire Our Logo


Just as a house eventually needs repainting to give it a fresh look and rejuvenate its curb appeal, we recently introduced our new logo for The Paint Manager, which you now see throughout this website – as well as on our social media posts and TPM merchandise.

However, you always remember those who were with you from the beginning. And so it is with our original logo. We launched together at the start of the 21st century. Over the past 21 years, the logo represented The Paint Manager as a unique resource dedicated to providing reliable, trustworthy painting, home repair/maintenance, and lawn services to homeowners and business owners throughout our Central Florida community.

The logo was with TPM as we experienced growth and provided a sense of continuity for our valued customers during more recent, challenging times. As a sense of hope and optimism emerges, we feel it is time