5 Ways Painting Helps Peace of Mind

5 Ways Painting Helps Peace of Mind
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Central Florida has taken a recent blow to the heart with the tragic scenes making national headlines. Many have chosen to express their support and their stance on the issues that mean so much to them. Expression has become the vehicle of change; driven by love and freedom.

Where and when do you feel the most free? Is it out in nature, a Cheers-like lounge or maybe a shop catered to what makes you find peace? Or, it’s your home. Your safe haven created by and for you to be simply you. When creating a space that brings you peace of mind and clarity for expression, you should have the color scheme match you in every way.




1. Accent Wall – The eggshell color is a soft, inviting shade that goes perfectly with your kitchen cabinets but you feel the room is missing that little something extra.

  • Perhaps your living room is too dark and needs brightening up. A red wall makes a bold statement while a soft lavender provides a clean contrast that completes most rooms.

2. Nature’s Corner – Have you ever seen those walls that look like the sky? It is quite rare to find a house or office space that was actually built with sky blue plaster walls. A clear, even finish creates a canvas for your clouds, airplanes and any other creative ideas you may have.

  • The night sky, full of stars, planets and other astronomical (or even astrological) put any astronomy buff at ease whenever they lay back.
  • Forest atmospheres are easy to create with the right shades of nature’s beauty.

3. Cultural Contour – Any room can be turned into the world traveler’s oasis with the right color and lighting. The Paint Manager covers the essential bases with an attention to detail only skilled professional painting contractors possess.

4. Classy Exterior – If every house on the row or lane is the same color and NOTHING about you says average, change the color of your home to create a unique place to call home. Beware of HOA regulations!

5. Cool Down Colors – Florida summers can be brutal and inside can turn into a sauna unless you blast the air conditioner 24/7. Try a cooling neutral to turn the feel in the room down as much as possible.

Contact The Paint Manager today for a brainstorming assistance and a quote for the dream space that will give you peace of mind.

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