Yourself, but Better. Your Home, but Better.

Yourself, but Better. Your Home, but Better.
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6 Interior Detox- Design Tips

Choosing to detoxify your life is a noble choice. There is so much volatile noise in our lives that impact our overall health more than you’d think. We have juices to detoxify our digestive system. We have mud masks to detoxify our pores. We have unfollowing to detoxify our newsfeeds. How do we detoxify our homes?

When you embark on a detox you go in aiming just to rid the clutter so you, your body, and your mind can focus on the important things. These design tips are for just that; maintain your home’s personality but without the stagnant clutter.

A cluttered mind can cause a cluttered mind. A cluttered mind can lead to stress and bad moods. So let’s construct yourself a mental sanctuary in your own home. Changing your home’s interiors can have a direct effect on your personality. With the right design, you can redesign your psyche. A bright room, cool décor and vibrant color scheme can elevate your mood more than waking up early, realizing it’s Saturday, and falling back to sleep.

So how can you detoxify for your home’s feeling? Painting, rearranging, adding mirrors or changing the furniture in your room – all have the ability to transform your interiors and provide a fresh and dapper ambiance.

6 Interior Detox- Design Tips:

If you’re like me and spill your tea on yourself 20 minutes within arriving to work and sitting there still slightly damp five hours later, you’re going to want to go home to replenish. Home is where you unwind, let your hair down, and perhaps eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Here are 6 innovative ways you can transform your home’s interiors for a cool, cozy, detoxifying experience.

  • Utilize light and softer colors for rooms that are small in size.

Painting smaller rooms in lighter colors gives the feel of a larger room. Lighter colors also tend to have a less harsh feeling than darker, more dramatic colors. Assess the amount of natural light coming in each of your rooms and make a note of where you need extra lighting. Adding mirrors to the walls of a small room provides the optical illusion of a more open space and a brighter feel.

  • Add textures and patterns and mix up old with new.

Good interior designers will tell you that the interiors of your home are actually a reflection of your personality and style. Texture is usually the integration of fabric, wood, metal, ribbon, etc. or things having definitive patterns with furniture, paint, rugs, pillows, accessories etc. Eclectic interior design is a more so personal approach to achieving both your home’s comfort and personality. You should still be able to walk in your home and it still feel like you. No one feels comfortable in a stranger’s home.

  • With eclectic design comes great responsibility- avoid cluttering.

Whether your home is big or small, rooms are spacious or cramped, never make your space overcrowded. A tastefully done room need not be one that has too many things on display. You have to firmly believe in the motto “less is more”. Too much of a good thing could actually have you winding up resenting it. So maybe cut your elephant figurine collection in half…

  • Green will always be in.

Plants add a lot of verve and oomph to your décor. Rooms of any size should have tastefully selected plants because they are the most inexpensive way of improving your home’s vibe. Not only aesthetically pleasing, plants are also capable of cleaning the air in your house. Plants remove harmful gases present in the air and are also capable of absorbing pollutants. Just don’t go too overboard…we don’t want your home to start looking like Jumanji.

  • Look up, don’t neglect your walls or ceiling.

Walls, without taking up space, can showcase your art, pictures, and mirrors but just be conscious of not closing your room in with too many frames. Ceilings have been neglected for a long time now, but experts will tell you the importance of their design. High ceilings can give smaller rooms a larger feel. However, if you have low ceilings, contrast your ceiling with a lighter color than that of the paint on the walls and feel the difference. It can open up your room further.

  • Beautify your room with accessories.

While accessories fall into the eclectic design category, it is worth mentioning again. Keeping true to the “less is more” theory, balance your home’s two needs: your style as well as serenity’s style. Keep a few elephant figurines out, but balance them with a few neutral toned/scented candles. Style your linen couch with a few cool tone pillows and maybe one or two rogue hot pink ones. I’d say the key to a detoxifying home is 70% neutral and 30% your eclectic quirks.

If you are based in Central Florida, just call The Paint Manager today and discuss how they can assist in detoxifying your home. For me, I’m going to go home, change out of my tea-stained sweater, and start thinking about what plants to add to my living room.

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