Show Your Home Some Love: 6 Design Tips to Make You Fall in Love Again

Show Your Home Some Love: 6 Design Tips to Make You Fall in Love Again
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Love design tips3You look at your husband and you almost see him the same way you saw him 40 years ago. Yes, he traded in his leather jacket for cargo shorts and New Balance sneakers. Yes, his James Dean hair has lost a few, well, inches. Yes, he still hates your lasagna. But he is still the same Valentine you’ve always wanted, even with a changing exterior.

Now, can’t you say the same about your house? You fell in love with your home at one point in time for a reason. Sure, you find yourself thinking, “my skylights need replacing”, or, “Why did I paint the kids’ bathroom that green?”, or “how much would it cost to just move?”

While, yes, it would be nice if you could just pack up your belongings (and strategically leaving the cargo shorts behind) and move into your dream home, it just isn’t likely. But that is okay! You already have everything you need to show your home some love. After all, isn’t that what you built your home on? Love? Cheesy, I know. Moving on…

6 Design Tips to Make You Fall in Love Again

1. Go ahead, put your son to work, have him move the furniture around for you.
Rearranging your furniture is a good alternative for purchasing new pieces. Consider exchanging furniture from room to room. Ever think about using that drop down desk as a cabinet for your microwave? You could stain the wood to match the cabinets of your kitchen and hide the microwave that is internally, permanently stained from someone not putting a lid over their spaghetti…

2. Out with the old and out with some more of it…
Donate the things you don’t use or like anymore. Most of the problem with not loving our homes comes from us not even being able to see it anymore. Clothes, vases, that pot you never returned to your neighbor from three years ago. All that needs to go, including couch that you’ve secretly hated since your husband brought it home twelve years ago. You’ve avoided hurting his feelings for twelve years, just tell him it’s time for it to go.

3. Opening up a room is like adding a room onto your house; without all the dust and hassle.
Paint your rooms more uplifting colors. Neutral colors, yellows, grayscale, off-whites, muted blues have a tendency of lightening up a room. If you don’t think you can afford (or want) to paint a whole room, have you thought about painting some furniture? Painting furniture not only makes it look like a new piece but it can add something special to a room you’ve seen a thousand times. It’s like your husband putting on slacks instead of his cargo shorts, a nice change to see.

4. Create a real-life Instagram post in your home.
If you must spend money on redecorating consider this: go to your Instagram (or whatever site you use for inspiring home photos), find a post you like and try to recreate it in your home. Is it of a fuzzy blanket and mug of tea? Okay, go to Homegoods for a fuzzy blanket, pillows, rugs, or a lazy boy- style chair and create a cozy sanctuary for your evening tea. Just a small place of your own might make you look at your house differently…even if your dog ends up taking it for themselves.

5. Display your memories as a gallery.
Create a gallery in your home with pictures, maps, and prints you already own. Just switch out frames for a less uniform look. The different textures and sizes on your wall will make you feel like there’s another new room in your house. Michaels Craft Store and Joann Fabrics always have sales on frames. It’s just vamping up what you already own. Additionally, it’ll make your kids feel like they came home to their own hall of fame during breaks from college.

6. Be grateful you have a house that loves you back.
Lastly, be grateful. Love is shown in different ways. Your husband shows it by doing the dishes because he knows how much wet food grosses you out. Your house shows it by keeping you, your family, and your memories safe. You have a roof over your head, food to cook in a kitchen, and a bed for your dog. Those are all wins in my book.

Remodels are a form of love. Show your home some love with these minor changes. These minor changes also show your wallet some love with the lose cost of each tip. If you are based in Central Florida, just call The Paint Manager today and discuss how they can assist in showing your home some love. For me, I think I’ll stop by Homegoods on my way home from work…you know, for research…

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